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Planting Spring Bulbs and Overwintering Dahlias in zone 8

I noticed I had some very healthy looking dahlia tubers left in the containers as I dug and loosened the soil to plant the bulbs. I quickly snipped the foliage off the dahlia tubers and planted them back in there with the bulbs. I used a bag of bulb fertilizer I got from Brecks following […]

Last Harvest for 2020

Welcome to my gardening journal. I am a small hobby gardener. I love growing from seeds and experimenting with growing in containers. I have one last harvest this year of yellow cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, butternut squash, and luffa gourds. I did manage to keep the squash vine borer eggs off my plants this year. […]

My First Cafe Au Lait Royal Dahlia Bloom

I stepped outside and there it was, Cafe Au Lait Royal was making a statement on its own. What a beautiful bloom! I noticed when looking at more different blooms that this Cafe Au Lait Royal is bright purple with variations of more or less light-colored streaks. This variability in color means that it is […]

The Hardy Hibiscus Seedlings are budding!

The hardy hibiscus grow out has three new buds! It looks like the extra composted manure and time-release fertilizer has been doing its job. I smiled when I saw the cranberry red one on a cute shrub-like plant. There is another white or pink bloom with red veins and one that looks like it might […]


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Hi, my name is Karen. This is my zone 8b Louisiana garden journal.

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