Japanese Morning Glories

It has been really hot and dry so a considerable amount of my time has been spent watering. This week I planted some Japanese Morning glory large flower crosses,mutants,dwarf and some labeled Shiborizaki. Those will be updated in about 6 weeks but if you want to see my past growing projects visit the archived website Japanese Morning Glory DatabaseI also planted out a lot of canna lily seedlings which will be updated in the fall. It takes about 3-4 months for a canna seedling to grow and bloom from a seed.

This morning I had more ripening thornless blackberries.
Lovely pink morning glory with a white center.
This morning our light pink Amaryllis was blooming
This is one of F1 Raspberry Truffle canna seedling cross that I am gathering and growing F2 seeds to see what happens. The heavy torrential rainstorms we get sometimes make the blooms fall over. I am sure the seedlings will not disappoint me. Stay tuned for updates.
This morning we had some zinnias blooming.
We are finally getting watermelons!
Welcome daylily newcomers! So far I have 2 near white and a pretty dark red one.