Amaryllis Benfica and Sweet Nymph

Lovely Blooms During Winter!

Benfica was the last Amaryllis to bloom indoors this winter. I was impressed with the saturated color of the blooms. This one unfurls four blooms at the same time instead of one at a time like Sweet Nymph. I have a video posted on youtube.

Benfica Amaryllis
Sweet Nymph budding

Sweet Nymph attempted to send out a third large bloom stalk, but I noticed the bulb was shrinking. I snipped that one off to stop the plant from blooming itself to death. It even has a large offset to grow this spring! I have to say this amaryllis is a top performer.

2021 Amaryllis Sweet Nymph Minerva Apple Blossom

Amaryllis Sweet Nymph and Apple Blossom Blooms

Sweet Nymph Amaryllis

Here is a mid-January update of my Amaryllis I have been growing inside by my kitchen window. I am waiting on seed pods from Ferrari Amaryllis, Apple Blossom plus the red and white mislabeled Amaryllis resembling Charisma Amaryllis. Unfortunately, Opal Star did not make any seed pods. I did save its pollen to use for crossing with other varieties.

Minerva Amaryllis Blooms

Minerva Amaryllis

Close Up of Sweet Nymph

Close up of Sweet Nymph

Sweet Nymph was the star of the show this year. I have to say what a beautiful plant this is! The blooms are huge and hold up very well as they unfurl one by one. This one is pod infertile but makes lots of pollen. I love the mesmerizing striations of dark and light pink in the petals. Sweet Nymph Amaryllis will hold your gaze for moments as you sip hot drinks and enjoy having a garden in the middle of winter!

Sweet Nymph Amaryllis Markings

Sweet Nymph Amaryllis