Last Harvest for 2020

  • butternut squash and dry harvested luffa gourds
  • Japanese Morning Glory speckled split petal
  • Japanese Morning Glory white split petal
  • Cosmos Gazebo Mix
  • Cosmos Gazebo Mix
  • Cosmos Gazebo Mix
  • Cosmos Gazebo Mix
  • Coral Canna Lily

Welcome to my gardening journal. I am a small hobby gardener. I love growing from seeds and experimenting with growing in containers. I have one last harvest this year of yellow cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, butternut squash, and luffa gourds. I did manage to keep the squash vine borer eggs off my plants this year. I also have some results from my canna seeds I planted last spring. Next year I will have more results to share especially since I will have more mature plants.

Moss Roses I have grown

I really love moss roses because they are one of the easiest pest and disease free flowers a person could grow. They are easily started from seeds,need full sun and moist well drained soil. I just sprinkle the seeds over the soil since they are so tiny during spring and water in lightly pressing them in. I will share more of these later.

single bloom yellow moss rose
Single bloom type yellow moss rose
moss rose pink striped
moss single bloom rose pink striped