Planting Delays Selecting Giant Watermelon Seedlings

We had a planting delay last week into the weekend with cold weather. I had to put all my tender plants into the greenhouse. I also put my blooming Amaryllis Pink Surprise and Alaska inside so the blooms would stay pretty.

In this video, I am selecting which giant watermelon seedlings I’m going to plant as soon as it gets warm again. In the meantime, I have been amending the soil and preparing the planting holes.

We have a new Ohuhu 7x7x12 greenhouse and plan to customize it with a workbench and raised beds. Since it is so hot here during summer, I will have to apply a shade cloth and use a fan to keep the temperature regulated. I can’t wait to grow cucumbers and squash without the cucumber beetles destroying my vines!

I finally got my first clematis bloom from H.F. Young and like it very much! It had a slow start growing very little during the first year. I planted the spindly-looking vine on the back trellis last fall. This year it climbed a few feet on the trellis and bloomed. I was stunned by Pink Surprise Amaryllis. The blossom is big and tall, commanding attention. It also has a monstrous bulb making this Amaryllis remarkable.

This year I am trying Swamp Milkweed or Butterfly Milkweed. The scientific name is Asclepias incarnata. They are small seedlings right now but I will update those later. Hopefully, it will be covered in clusters of pink flowers this summer. This one is supposed to be less invasive than the Showy Milkweed. I am hoping to help out some butterflies this year.

Planting Giant Pumpkin vines

On March 12th, I planted my giant Large Marge pumpkin seedlings in the garden. These large pumpkins are capable of growing up to 40 pounds. I used 1/3 kitchen compost and rabbit manure, 1/3 organic topsoil, 1/3 potting soil with some minerals, and bone meal for my amendments. I dug a 2 foot deep hole and backfilled it as I turned the soil to combine my native soil with the added amendments.

Then I gently tipped the pumpkin plants out of their gallon pots and planted them about a foot apart in the hill. Planting two plants together may not be the best way to grow a giant pumpkin, but these will grow just fine this way. I should get some sizeable pumpkins for fall decorations this year.

Then I used cardboard boxes, leaves, pine straw, and old hay as mulch. I have to protect my plants from armadillos, so I used chicken wire around the bottom and placed a cage around them. In my zone 8b climate, I have always had better results with pumpkins by planting them early, and then I have to look for squash vine borer eggs every other day.

The Tulips and Daffodils are blooming!